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From Fields to Future: ACEIS Capital nourishes a world of resilience, one grain at a time, cultivating prosperity beyond borders.

Empowered by the promise of a world free from scarcity, ACEIS Capital bridges the gap between nations facing hardship and those with abundant resources. Through strategic partnerships with forward-thinking companies, we consolidate essential commodities, build secure trading hubs, and negotiate favorable terms, securing food security and fostering economic resilience for nations in need. 


ACEIS Capital bridges the gap between resource-rich nations and those in need, aiming for a world without scarcity. We partner with innovative companies to consolidate crucial commodities and establish secure trading hubs. Our efforts ensure food security and economic resilience in Southeast Asia. We believe that every purposefully grown and trustfully traded grain unlocks potential and creates a brighter future. Our expertise lies in the import and export of Rice, Sugar, and Seafood.

Thailand Agriculture Project



The Thailand Agriculture Project is driven by a single purpose: to harness Thailand’s fertile land and empower its farmers, transforming the nation into a beacon of food security and agricultural innovation. We achieve this by forging strategic partnerships with forward-thinking companies, leveraging their expertise and resources to:

  • Streamline commodity consolidation
  • Invest in sustainable practices
  • Bridge technological gaps
  • Cultivate a spirit of innovation in Agriculture


Phothibun Rice Mill

Phothibun Rice Mill (Phothibun Limited Company) has been producing and distributing high-quality rice for over 10 years. They have invested heavily in technology, research, and development, using imported machinery and equipment in their production process. Their computer-controlled milling system ensures precise control and high quality throughout every step. This technology drastically reduces mistakes, and any rare issues are resolved promptly.


With a production capacity of 10,000-20,000 tons per day, the company can readily respond to customer demands in both domestic and international markets. This has made them widely recognized internationally.

However, despite technological advancements, certain basic needs remain crucial: food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. Hunger and food shortages are on the rise in many parts of the world, leading to food security concerns. This issue is especially serious in developing countries, and even developed nations are now facing the consequences of environmental crises and energy shortages.

Recognizing the importance of food security, Phothibun Rice Company Limited, in collaboration with agricultural associations, has initiated a food security project. Their goal is to become a global source of food, regardless of wealth, race, or nationality.

The global food crisis, caused by several factors like rising fuel prices and speculation, has led to record food prices and even riots in some countries. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports that 37 countries are currently facing a real global food crisis.

This crisis has prompted international discussion and efforts to address it. The UN has established a Global Food Crisis Task Force, and world leaders have met to discuss solutions.


The current food crisis stems from a shift in the agricultural sector, favoring export crops over domestic consumption. This shift, along with unsustainable farming practices, has contributed to malnutrition and hunger even in food-exporting countries.

The crisis is not a short-term issue, and some experts believe it may be exacerbated by the use of biofuels. The World Food Programme has even called it a “silent tsunami.”

Thailand, as a major agricultural producer, is also feeling the impact of higher food prices, primarily on the poor and middle class. The government needs to implement effective policies to ensure food security and prevent economic hardship.

Despite the challenges, Thailand has the potential to turn this crisis into an opportunity. By focusing on efficient food production and equitable income distribution, the country can contribute to global food security and economic development.

The food crisis is a global issue with severe social and political consequences. We must not stand idly by while people suffer from hunger. Thailand, with its abundant rice resources, can play a vital role in addressing this crisis and ensuring a better future for all.

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