By 2023, our diversified investment strategy has helped us reach $3 billion USD in Assets Under Management (AUM). We invest in a variety of asset classes, including private equity, working capital loans, and stock financing. This diversity mitigates risk and achieves strong returns for our clients.

ACEIS’ Mission

Is to promote and demonstrate sustainable values that help advance a free and prosperous planet through key strategic partnerships and green investments that create unmatched economic benefit to nations where the need to empower people and nations exist to reduce poverty and strengthen good governance beyond the normal economic assistance afforded to them.

ACEIS Capital Ltd.

With our $3 billion USD in assets under management, we have accomplished much success through Private Equity, Working Capital Loans, Stock Financing, and other investment types.

We act as a regional-global capital & credit arranger for G to G, Banks, and infrastructure projects; specialist for sovereign governments with unique public sector projects. We also seed and ultimately fund our own proprietary businesses engaged in high technology solutions with far reaching access to the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, Quantum Computing, Smart City Solutions, Fiber Optic cabling and High Tension Power Lines for industry and governments.

ACEIS Infrastructure

Under the ACEIS Infrastructure Fund our main business activity is strategically designed to support the business development of multi sector such as infrastructure and national scale economic development across the continents of Asia and Africa under one common operating and syndicated financial framework between the USA-ASIA-AFRICA in which capital investment funding is arranged and managed by ACEIS and its international affiliate group members to promote positive economic development and sustainability in hard to reach locales and jurisdictions.

Let us help you take your corporate strategies to new heights.

With a family legacy in Asia since 1946, our founders have been redefining the limits of what a true consortium of business talent can do. We believe that our innovative consortium diversification strategy is the foundation and cornerstone of our business model and future legacy.